Documentary Project Draft 1


This is the first draft of my mini-documentary project, a family ethnography about food traditions. I have enjoyed this process enormously but have also run into some real challenges.

The joy of this project has been to capture aspects of my family heritage. I hope to be able to continue working on this documentary long after this initial project is finished to expand it, include more family members, and incorporate more stories to really create something special for my family to enjoy. Ideally, it might even be something that other people would enjoy as well. It’s something I’d like to share with the Italian American Museum, for example.

The challenges have been technical. First, I’ve really never filmed my own footage before so making it work on my iphone was difficult. Not only with regard to having space on the phone for the video but also keeping the camera steady, getting the sound right, framing the shots, and so forth.

I am also struggling right now with the structure of the documentary. I gathered so much footage of the interviews with my parents and pretty minimal “b-roll” and I’m having some trouble really pulling together a cohesive narrative in the time allowed.


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